There are five major guilds in Morrowind, the Mage's Guild, the Fighters Guild, the Thieves Guild, the ALIMSVI Temple or Tribunal Temple and the Imperial Cult.

These five main guilds will give any player access to many services, items, and training for various skills along with many quests to complete. Besides these five main guilds there are many minor guilds in Morrowind. These guilds are as follows: The Morag Tong assassin's guild, the Imperial Legion, House Telvanni, House Hlaalo, House Redoran, all offering similar quests. items, and training. Many of these guilds conflict with each other and you often cannot progress through the quests of one without angering and being expelled from another. Any acts of theft or violence against any members of these guilds can result in you being expelled from the guild or attacked by them or both.